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New Alternatives to
Long Term Care Insurance Summarized in Free, Comprehensive Guide

This report provided by the National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc. (NAIA). NAIA encourages everyone – regardless of age, health or budget – to have a long term care plan in place.

This Optimal Long Term Care Choices™ document is intended to provide basic information about the many private LTC Funding options that are available to individuals. The options listed may not be all-inclusive. Also, this Optimal Long Term Care Choices™ document is not a solicitation to purchase insurance or any other product. This Optimal Long Term Care Choices™ document is also not providing any legal, tax, accounting, or other professional advice. Not all options are available in all states or at all ages. Also, a person’s health affects product availability.

Insurance products are complex financial contracts, can vary by state, and can also have variations from one company to another. The non-insurance programs also involve contracts. Specific types of insurance, mortgage broker, or other licenses are required by individuals and/or companies that may offer the various programs and contracts illustrated above. Many licenses are state specific. Should you consider obtaining a product or program illustrated above, it is important that you work with professionals and companies that are properly licensed to offer these products in the state in which you reside. Also, not all licensed professionals represent nor offer all company options or product or program types. You should consider working with a licensed professional or advisor that either represents all of the funding options available to you in your state, or work with someone who can refer you to a properly licensed and trained professional that can discuss all available funding options for you. When evaluating your long term care funding options, it is also important that you read the contracts and other material documents that pertain to the product(s) you may consider obtaining.

This Optimal Long Term Care Choices™ document provides very general, non-state specific, information and an overview of the various options that may be available. Each individual and family situation is unique. Working with a Long Term Care professional helps people know all of the options available in their specific situation.